IUH classes take place in the private homes and gardens of our instructors or at other community homestead sites. We are locally based and most classes are in Oakland or Berkeley.

While there are some drawbacks to not having a permanent physical location, there are also many benefits. First we know that you, our potential student, are curious to see how active homesteaders create sustainable spaces in the city. Being invited into our instructors’ home or garden is one way they can teach by example and show you what is possible. Teachers also get to teach in an environment that is familiar and comfortable, which in turn creates a kind of intimate learning not available in a classroom. Finally, not paying rent for a physical location allows us to keep our class fees low while still paying teachers reasonably for their effort.

Because you will be attending a class in a private home, we ask your tolerance and openness to people’s differing aesthetic preferences and lifestyles. We do choose teachers in part based on the appropriateness of their site, but do understand we may not be able to please everyone and some sites are better suited than others for the purpose of teaching a class. We strive to make sure you can sit comfortably and be safe in every class location. If you ever feel a site was inappropriate, please let us know.

For the protection of our instructors’ privacy we do not publish their addresses on the web and we do require pre-registration for all classes. The approximate location of each class is included in the class description and the exact location is sent to you in an email one week before the class. If you need the cross streets prior to this time to arrange transportation, feel free to contact us and we are glad to give you that information.