Cow Butchery: Community Cow Share

Learn the foundations of whole animal butchery in a way that is straightforward and hands on. We will go directly to the source and buy from a local ranch raising delicious, nutritious, healthy, pasture raised, 100% grass fed cows. We will learn and practice the art of butchery, breaking the fine bovine down together, step by step as we discuss the cuts and how to cook them properly, finally, we will divide it up to take home our cow shares of assorted cuts.

When: Saturday June 2, 2018 11am-3:30pm
Where  South Berkeley
How Much:  $60-100 sliding scale plus $55 for your share of beef (to be paid the day of class)
Your Host: Chef Seth Peterson

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Get beyond cooking show hype, cookbooks, supermarket meat, high prices, & all the jargon. We’ll go directly to the source and buy from a local ranch raising delicious, nutritious, healthy, pasture raised, 100% grass fed cows. In this workshop, we will learn and practice the art of butchery, hands on and in community. We will buy a great cow, from a local farmer who regenerates the land with proper animal husbandry and ecological stewardship.  Then, in class, we will break it down, step by step, as a group, before dividing it up and taking home the very freshest meat available, at prices we don’t see in a supermarket.  We will discuss the bovine anatomy and proper culinary techniques, as we go along, breaking  the ¼ cow down into the various cuts of beef. The class covers sourcing animals, knife safety, hands on butchery, and recipes and techniques to put to use with your delicious bounty of a take home cow share.

First, we will learn a little about the history of butchery and the anatomy of cows as well as some basic knife safety. Then, we will walk through ‘breaking it down’ step by step, as a group, providing hands on experience for everyone.  We’ll discuss how to take advantage of every morsel in your home cooking with techniques like rendering the fat, no fuss healthy bone broths, and classic pâtés. Additionally, we will prepare a few of the more perishable parts into delectable delicacies for us to enjoy some of the tasty treats of our labor.  You will learn how to source very well locally raised animals, and discuss great recipes to use with beef from roasts and braises to corned beef and smoked brisket.  Most importantly, we will learn the ‘how to’ and the ‘why’ of traditional cooking wisdom as we reclaim and rebuild our food-shed, in community.

From the actual butchering to cooking and tasting, this workshop is very hands on and designed to give people the ability to get started in their home kitchens right away. Hands on whole lamb butchery is a great way to go straight to the source for the best meat possible at the best price possible, while re-skilling ourselves in community as well as rebuilding our local food-shed, by buying direct from farmers.

This workshop is a class, a get together, and a small potluck.  I will cook up some food to nibble on, please feel free to bring any food our beverages of your choice to share.