Herbal Medicine Demystified

This course will give you a introduction and overview of the herbal medicine making process. We’ll learn about plant constituents and actions, get an overview of different herbal products that can be easily made at home including salves, slathers, tinctures, teas, poultices and decoctions. We’ll learn about local sources for herbs as well as a brief introduction to harvesting, drying and storing your own. Then we’ll visit and learn about some of the medicinal plants available locally — both wild and those grown easily in the garden. While we will not go in depth on every plant (that would be a year long course), we will learn about a few useful ‘starter’ plants and go home with a sampling of remedies for common maladies. We’ll learn about useful references and how to decipher them to become more proficient and confident purchasing, making and using herbal remedies at home.

When: Sunday March 4 2018 10am-3pm
Where:  North Oakland
How Much: Cost: $60-100 sliding scale, plus $15 supply fee to be paid on day of class 
Instructor: K.Ruby Blume

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