Introduction to Natural Beekeeping

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Small scale beekeeping  is a great way to practice animal husbandry, produce some local honey and stay in tune with seasonal cycles. In this course you will learn to keep bees in a way that promotes their health and natural exuberance. We’ll peek inside the amazing world of this highly evolved super-organism, learn how they do what they do and what we can do to support them. You will learn about life cycles and biology, management strategies and equipment needed to get started as a small scale beekeeper and how to prepare to start your colony come Spring.   We will learn about different hive options (Top Bar, Warre and Langstroth), how to get some bees, essential equipment and the seasonal cycle of beekeeping.  Plus,  the truth behind colony collapse disorder, common troubles that arise, best books and where to go for continued learning.

Date:  Friday November 10, 12-4pm
Location: TBA
Cost: $45-90 sliding scale

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