Urban Goat Dairy: Raising Goats in the City

Meet the goats at Pineheaven Farm and learn what you need to start an urban goat dairy. We will discuss the various breeds of goats, their strengths and weaknesses and practicality for different uses as well as issues specific to goats as ruminants. We will learn about goats’ minimal needs and how to keep their lives vibrant and happy. This will include nutrition and preventative health measures, pen design and equipment, breeding and raising young. We will also talk about the process and equipment needed to run a small dairy including handling milk and dairy products that can be easily produced on a small scale.

When: Saturday May 26, 2018 1-4pm
Where: Montclair
Taught By: Jeannie MacKenzie, Pineheaven Farm
How Much: $40-80 sliding scale

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