Teaching @ IUH

IUH presents skills classes that promote sustainability, localization, & personal resourcefulness. Our format is short, one session classes that introduce people to a subject and empower them to continue to learn more on their own. A typical class lasts 2-3 hours on a weekend day or a weekday evening. Some half-day and day-long classes will be considered.

We are always  looking for teachers who
~ Already have teaching experience, who are well prepared, knowledgeable and cutting edge without being dogmatic.
~ Are natural and authentic with a group
~ Have an appropriate space in which to host their class.
~ Already have a following for which a collaboration would be mutually beneficial to our networks.

Here are some topics we’d be interested in including
~ Wheat-free baking
~ Sourdough Baking Demystified
~ Aquaponics
~ Food Forests & Polycultures
~ Rainwater Catchment
~ Miso Making
~ Modern Traditional Skills such as spinning, weaving, broom and tool-making
~ New topics on energy, water and reuse
~ Homemade household products
~ Cooking with coconut
~ Creating ponds and other water features in the backyard system

We do not accept proposals for 
~ Art or craft classes unless very specifically linked to a homesteading skill.
~ Health classes unless specifically a homesteading skill.
~ Things widely offered elsewhere.
~ Things we already have covered, unless you have a particular slant or perspective that compliments what is already offered. Please look at what we already offer before making your proposal

How it Works
~ You provide the curricula, teaching space and materials for the course. If there are handouts or supplies that you incur costs for, you can charge a supply fee which you will collect from the students on the day of class. Typical supply fees are $5-15.
~ We provide promotion, registration and adminstrative support for your class. This includes a mailing about your class to 4000+ people, promotional cards, in-print advertising and press campaign
~ You are paid based on a generous percentage of the tuition that comes in for your class. As a general guideline we try to get you $50-100 per scheduled class hour.

When making a proposal please include: 
1.Your full name and complete contact information including full mailing address, email & phone numbers.
2. The title or main idea of the class you want to teach.
3. A brief description of the class content and curriculum, including any hands-on projects and hand-outs or resources people might come away with. If it is not obvious how the topic is connected to homesteading, please describe.
4. A paragraph about yourself, your teaching experience, your experience with the skill you want to share and the site you would teach in.
5. Any opportunities we might have to see you in action, websites, news articles etc.
6. Two references of people who have experienced your work or your teaching.
7. A photograph of yourself and of the site where you would teach (where applicable).

Use our contact form to let us know you intend to submit a proposal.  We’ll email you back from the address to email your proposal to.