2014 Sites ~ Vallejo
Fortress Lindbergs

Hosts: Ingmars and Ainsley Lindbergs and their children, Varis, Tekla, and Zinta.
Lot size: 3,775 square feet ....Area used for farming: 2,500sf .....66%
Come peek into the magical world of Fortress Lindbergs. This tiny plot features a free-flowing, highly, aesthetic design offering the ultimate proof that a functional urban farm need not sacrifice any of the romance and beauty of a more traditional garden. Fruits, vegetables and much beloved chickens are pleasantly situated in a sloping shady landscape. The Lindbergs started farming to provide healthful, affordable food for their family, to teach their children where food comes from, and how it is grown. The whole family plays an active part in planting, watering, and harvesting. The kids particularly enjoy the chickens. While the Lindbergs have been farming and gardening on this property for almost seven years, much credit goes to the previous homesteader Alex Richardson for laying the groundwork. She tended the land for over twenty years, and most of the older plantings are her work. Gardening and farming activities are always inspired by, and propelled forward in the memory of, the late Ingrida Lindbergs, who could make a desert bloom.
This is a family friendly site that seeks to inspire you and yours.

Chicken Ranch West

Host: Lisa Hitt
Lot Size: 4000 Areas used for farming: 1320
Farmer Lisa's grandparents had a farm in LaGrange, Texas down the road from "The Chicken Ranch," made infamous by the musical "The Best Little Whore House in Texas." Chicken Ranch West is a small ranch in Vallejo--minus the prostitutes--where a small group of hens and one dog let their people live. Another highly aesthetic space, the backyard is a steep decline ingeniously terraced with alternating walls of stacked stone and heavy-duty wire cloth filled with sandstone gravel. The effect is to make a small space feel spacious and tended. The chickens free range in the entire yard and a solar powered chicken coop makes attending to the hens at sunrise and sunset a non-issue. There is a vermiculture bin with horse manure from a local stable: worm treats for the hens and rich compost for the garden. The trick has been finding ways to keep a cruciferous loving dog and greens loving hens from decimating the garden areas.

Good Egg Farm, "Where Happy Hens Make Happy Eggs"

Hosts: Paul and Michelle Whitney
Lot Size: 4,682 sf ....Area used for farming ....1,200sf .....25%
Good Egg Farm is an enchanting garden in continual evolution. Step through the garden gate and enter into a peaceful haven where work and play co-exist in happy mishmash. Here, you will find winding paths circling a sculptural iron tree that supports a variety of plants such as tomatillos and sugar snap peas. Continue along the path and find yourself surrounded by sages, lavenders, and other bee and butterfly friendly plants. Intoxicating smells encourage lingering in the garden, not only for the human visitors but also for the bees and butterflies that help propagate the small veggie and fruit garden and which provide endless entertainment for the small flock of happy chickens. Hosts Paul and Michelle began 5 years ago with the creation of outdoor "rooms" interlinked by circular paths. Three years ago they added chickens and expanded the edible landscaping. This spring, they have planted sugar snaps peas, bush beans, scarlet runner beans, strawberries and tomatoes, all happily nestled into freshly mulched soil. Pickling cukes, squashes, and corn are also poking their heads up. Lemon and lime trees, rescued from the rubbish bin, are flowering as well as the blueberries. In response to the drought, Paul and Michelle are implementing their irrigation system and using water from sinks and tubs to water the garden. Good Egg Farm truly evokes the meaning of community as so many have offered cuttings or plants, which have been planted in the easement, or public space, and throughout the property. Good Egg Farm, Where Happy Hens Make Happy Eggs, is an extension of the Whitney home, their lifestyle, and their love of community.
KZ Backyard Farm

Host: Erin Tator
Lot suze 10,000 (includes two adjoining properties) .....Area Used for farming: 3,000..... 30%
Started for farmer Erin's two daughters (Kiran and Zoe are the KZ in the name), this unsuspecting backyard family farm produces an impressive 600 lbs + of produce per year and is certified with the Department of Agriculture for Farmers Market sales. KZ runs a small summertime food sharing program that provides for 8-12 familes as well as their own. Tomatoes are the primary crop with 15-20 varieties. Beans onions, zucchini, garlic and winter squash are also grown. The farm spans two lots, with the main vegetable garden on one side and the livestock areas in the second more shady yard. The main site includes about 4000 gallons of rainwater catchment, a geen house and beds dedicated to forage for bees and other pollinators. Livestock includes four active and productive beehives and chickens.
The Omnifarious Plot

Host: Brandy Reynolds
Lot size: 5,227 sf .....Area used for farming 1,275sf..... 24%
The Omnifarious Plot is on a standard residential rental lot in Vallejo. This relatively small space provides homes for a worm farm, 20 chickens, 4 goats, and 2 turkeys. The backyard includes yard for the animals, a separated garden area, large compost bins, lawn and forage areas and a small patio space for humans to relax and watch the critters. In 3 years this fully sodded yard has gone from a water consuming, non-productive space to a productive supplementary food source for a family of 6.
dog island
Dog Island Farm

Hosts: Rachel Hoff and Tom Ferguson
Lot size: 12,197 sf .....Area used for farming..... 9,350 sf...76%
Dog Island Farm started in 2008 with a small house, a large yard full of weeds and a vision of what this 1/4 acre property could become. Located on the edge of Vallejo, the urban farm is now home to chickens, turkeys, goats, rabbits and bees. The front yard is nearly all edibles and bee friendly plants. With the exception of the small 750 sf house and a large outdoor entertaining space where Dog Island farmers offer workshops and events, the majority of the property is dedicated to food production including over 2 dozen fruit trees and 1,200 sf of vegetable beds. Over 90% of the plant species grown on the property are edible to either humans or the resident animals. Together Dog Island Farmers Rachel and Tom are a force of nature, with their hands in a variety of homesteading projects both indoors and out. They can answer questions on a wide variety of homesteading topics from seed starting to foraging to coop construction and design.

above: Dog Island Farm, Fortress Lindbergs, Omniferous Plot
center:: Dog Island Farm, KZ Backyard Farm, KZ Backyard Farm
below: Chicken Ranch West, Dog Island Farm, Chicken Ranchg West

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