I can’t find a registration page, how do I register?
We have streamlined our registration process.  First visit our calendar.  Click the class links for more information and add the classes you wish to attend to your cart, then checkout.  You will receive a receipt for your purchase as well as a registration confirmation email from us.  Then 3-4 days before the class we will send you the class location along with any other details you need to know for the class.

The cart system is not working for me. What should I do?
E-Commerce has come a long way but is still far from glitch-free.  About 90% of the time our cart system works for people, but for some it doesn’t work.  Here are a few things to try and an alternative registration system if all else fails.
1. Make sure all ad-blockers are turned off.
2. Try a different (newer) computer.
3. Try a different web browser
4. If you still cannot register, please let us know via our contact form and we will tell you how to pay us directly for the class via PayPal.

I don’t trust PayPal or any other online payment system. Can I pay by check?
Absolutely., just add the classes to your cart and choose “pay by check” at checkout.  The address to mail your check to is listed on the checkout form.

I can’t get the cart system to work.  Can I just bring my payment to class?
We always prefer to have you pay in advance to hold your spot.  This  ensures your spot and ensures us you will show up.  There is nothing worse than holding a spot for you and turning others away and then something comes up for you and we have an empty seat which could have been filled.  In rare cases, when there is no other option and you promise to show,  we will approve you to “pay-at-the-door.”

Why do you require pre-registtration?
Many of our classes require a significant amount of preparation on the part of our teacher as well as limited class size. Registering and paying in advance guarantees both you and the instructor of your participation. The class page will show you exactly how many spots are left in the class and you are welcome to register up to an hour before class time if there are spots available. 

Can I bring my kids to your classes?
We generally handle this on a class-by-class basis. If you inquire, please be sure to include the age of your kid(s), how many you would be bringing and whether you are hoping to have them participate, as well as the specific classes you are inquiring about. Our main concerns are space (most of our “classrooms” are small and just barely fit paying attendees) and safety.

Do you ever need help (in your garden, with your bees, with your chickens etc)?
Thank you for your kind offer! Unfortunately, we don’t have the staff to facilitate connecting individuals with volunteer opportunities or for managing volunteers ourselves. Your best bet is to ask individual teachers when you attend their class if they welcome help.

I still have a ton of questions–can I call you? Can you come over and help me?
All our teachers are glad to answer follow up questions via email.  We also are glad to come teach private lessons or offer consultation.  Please inquire via our contact form.

Do you offer scholarships or work/study?
IUH is a very small organization with no additional grants or funding beyond what we take in as tuition. Our sliding scale tuition is our attempt to keep things affordable while still paying our bills. Work/study on a per class basis is rare and given on a class by class basis. Some teachers are willing to trade you labor in exchange for a reduction in their pay, others are not.  For those truly in need we offer scholarships on a limited basis: half off the bottom end of our sliding scale on a maximum of two classes per year, or a full scholarship on one class per year.

I want to talk to a live person what is your phone number?
We don’t currently have a landline but we do answer emails promptly–usually in the same day or within 24 hours at most.  If you really need to speak with us, send us your phone number and a brief description of your needs using our contact form and we will do our best to return your phone call within 24 hours.