Fermentation: The Works

Everything you ever wanted to know about fermented vegetables and beverages! In this class we will learn to harness the microscopic world to enhance flavor, nutrition and digestability, turning raw organic ingredients into foods and condiments which far surpass their commercially available counterparts.  After an introduction to the health benefits, essential equipment and safety information, we’ll get to work tasting and making. We’ll learn how to make sauerkraut, kim chi and dill pickles, how to “catch” a wild ginger beer bug and make healthy pro-biotic sodas and kombucha. You will taste a variety of finished products and take home goodies and a wealth of concepts to experiment with.

When: Sunday November 12 10am-2pm
Where: Oakland (exact location given by email prior to the class)
Price: $50-90 sliding scale
Plus $15 supply fee to be brought with you the day of class (do not include in your course fee). This includes  light lunch.
Please read our sliding scale guidelines before picking your price

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