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Frequently Asked Questions


I want to take a class, but I can never come on (Sundays, Tuesdays, etc.). Can you offer the class at another time?
We do our best to offer our classed at times most working people can attend, weekend days and weekday evenings. That said, if enough people request a class at a time it is not already offered we are glad to try to arrange it. Alternately, most of our teachers are for hire and we are glad to help facilitate arrangements for a private class for you and a group of friends you organize. Contact us to inquire about prices for private classes.

Can I bring my kids to your classes?
We generally handle this on a class-by-class basis. If you inquire, please be sure to include the age of your kid(s), how many you would be bringing and whether you are hoping to have them participate, as well as the specific classes you are inquiring about. Our main concerns are space (most of our "classrooms" are small and just barely fit paying attendees) and safety.

Do you ever need help (in your garden, with your bees, with your chickens etc)?
While we think it is a great idea (thanks for your offer!) we don't have the personel to facilitate connecting individuals with volunteer opportunitie or for managing volunteers ourselves. Your best bet is to ask individual teachers when you attend their class if they welcome help.

I still have a ton of questions--can I call you? Can you come over and help me?
All of our teachers are generous people, and are generally glad to give you information and advice even after the class is over. However we ask that you be considerate and conscious about how you take advantage of this. If your need for information and support extends past a few minutes, please consider offering something in exchange for the time and energy given you. All our teachers are available for private lessons and consultations.

I don't trust PayPal or any other online payment system. Can I pay by check?
Absolutely. Just print out our registration form here and send to the address listed at the bottom. We also take credit card payments over the phone, or in person on Wednesday mornings April-October.

Do you offer scholarships or work/study?
IUH is a very small organization with no additional grants or funding beyond what we take in as tuition. Our sliding scale tuition is our attempt to keep things affordable while still paying our bills and our teachers. Work/study on a per class basis is rare and given on a class by class basis. Some teachers are willing to trade you labor in exchange for a reduction in their pay, others are not. You may inquire using our contact form. We do have a formal internship program you can read all about here. We do offer a limited number of outright scholarships to those who are truly in need. To ask for one, please write to us with a short explanation of your situation. We generally offer half off the bottom end of our sliding scale on a maximum of two classes per year or one class at no cost.

I want to talk to a live person what is your phone number?
(510) 927-3252. You can also use our contact form to send us your number and we will call you back shortly.

Why don't you list locations on your site?
Please see our Location page for a thorough answer to this question

Why do you require pre-registtration, why can't I just walk-in and pay on the day of class?
Many of our classes require a signifigant amount of preparation on the part of our teacher as well as having a specific limit to class size. Registering and paying in advance guarantees both you and the instructor of your participation. If a class is not listed as full, you can register until the day before using online registration and PayPal. You can even try for a same day registration, but it is dependant on us getting your email or phone all on short notice before the class. If we can accommodate you, we always will.

I am frustrated: the class I want is always sold out!
Call or contact us to get on a waiting list for a class and we will notify you when it is offered and give you first dibs on registering before we officially add the class online. Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter, which announces new classes as they are added.

I am excited about teaching for you--how do I arrange that?
The full answer to this question can be found at our teaching page here.

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